Process of Accreditation of Becoming Mortgage Broker

Nowadays career in finance industry as Mortgage broker is booming in Australia.   You can work as a mortgage broker by getting a Credit Representative Number and a membership for COSL and FBAA. Are you interested building such rewarding career?

As land value is escalating like never before on rising demand, your opportunity to earn from the real estate field is limitless. High reward on little perspiration is what you can expect from the industry.

Become a Mortgage broker Pty Ltd is specialised in providing result driven mortgage broker courses and training in Sydney with the tem of professional mentors.

Becoming Mortgage Broker

The Process of accreditation of becoming mortgage broker at Become a Mortgage Broker Pty Ltd. is as follows:-

  • Registration process – During the registration process you should give your personal details and other details, if any. This is common for all those apply for mortgage broker license. For Getting your information from registration form we will check it with the registration office or online.
  • Sending enrolment forms for your Certificate IV – After collecting details we will send enrolment forms that have your details. This step is performed for getting Certificate IV.
  • Applying for National Police Check – After receiving your Certificate IV and AML/CTF Certificates, we will conduct a Credit Check. If it is at satisfying level, then next step is to apply for the police verification. This is a mandatory step and will take only less time.
  • Application for Credit Representative Number and membership for COSL and FBAA – After finishing the police verification, the department will send its opinion regarding the person to the authority. If it is positive opinion then can apply for your Credit Representative Number and membership for COSL and FBAA.
  • Accreditation with lenders and induction training – We will provide you accreditation with various lenders, Symmetry CRM and induction training.

By receiving lender accreditations and accreditation number, you become eligible to work for loan. The Process of accreditation at Become a Mortgage Broker is not a difficult task. Good marketing skills, communication skill and an eye to future prospects of the business can make you a professional mortgage broker.