About US


Become a Mortgage Broker Pty Ltd. is based in Sydney providing ongoing mortgage broker training and courses.  We have specially designed the courses to accredited new mortgage brokers.  We have a team of highly skilled and professional mentors assist you in all the process and give you their expert guidance.

Mortgage Broker Training

Why choose us

We only employ mentors who hold Australian Credit Licence by Australia Securities and Investment Commission.  They suppose to provide ongoing training and support for 2 years and that is mandatory. You will be ensuring to have all necessary tools, ongoing support from mentors and flexible training hours to manage your routine life.

Access to over 30 Lenders

The finance market is very diverse with every borrower having unique needs. Our extensive lending panel of 30 lenders caters for all needs from the mum and dad applications to the self-employed who wish to purchase an owner occupied or investment property, it caters for non-confirming loans, commercial, property development, business and insurance.

Leading Edge Mortgage Software:

Our software Symmetry sets the benchmark for loan origination systems. Symmetry has extensive functionality to cater to every part of your business, from sales through to management. Our free Symmetry training consists of Symmetry overview, Symmetry management, WebEx Training, Onsite Training, Train the trainer programs.

Benefits of becoming mortgage broker:

  • Low start-up costs and relatively low on-going costs
  • High earning capacity as well as the ability to earn passive income through trailing commissions.
  • Ability to work from home.
  • Flexible working hours allowing you to take control of your life, and not have an employer (other than you) controlling you!
  • A mortgage broking business is a saleable asset. Not only will you have the potential to earn a great income, but you can sell your business in the future should you choose.
  • Become your own boss… and potentially someone else’s!
  • The mortgage broking industry is a safe and stable industry… this is not a fad that will fade with time.

To know more about what our Mortgage Broker Training can do for you and/or what apart from the Mortgage Broker Courses do we have in store for you get in touch with us.


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